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List of leaders will soon be published on this page.

The Leaders Breakfast Club, is a community that unites art world leaders looking to implement positive changes within the sector and exchange on the topic of sustainability between each other. It further acts as a learning hub to discover the newest innovations and sustainable practices.

To promote circular economies, the community also serves as a useful platform to share/borrow/giveaway items between each other such as reusable crates, exhibition plinths etc. that are sitting in corners and could be made useful for others. Sharing is caring♻️!

The goal of this community is to work together, to reduce CO2 emissions, create circular economies & a better art world.

In-person as well as online events will be organised as part of the program. Further information on future events will be posted here & emailed out. 

To join the list of leaders, email Emily, Spongy Bags® liaison at

(please mention your full name, role & your involvements related to sustainability in the arts).


We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Future events will be posted here. 

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