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Pressed Plastic



Created by a frustrated consumer seeking a better solution. 


Spongy Bags® is an award winning reusable product made of upcycled plastics, saving you time & money. 

We create sustainable art packaging solutions that help both the environment & you.

Our Spongy Bags® are 'all-in-one', allowing you to wrap your art 300x faster with courteous packaging. 


Acid free.

Shock protecting.

Rain proof. 

The acid free interior lining, is of non-woven polypropylene, made from recycled plastics. Scientifically proven to be safe for art conservation.

A layer of sponge lines the entire Spongy Bags® to ensure transportation safety. It replaces & is more sturdy than 10 layers of bubble wrap.

The exterior layer is made from recycled plastics (RPET) and is safe for use under rain conditions, with a waterproof zipper.


Saving on art packaging.


Painting size 100 x 70 cm

10 wrappings for 5 years

Spongy Bags® reusable art packaging

Spongy Bags®

Conventional option

98% of capital saved.


«Welcome to the Spongy Bags® family!

I tried every art packaging product on the market, and in simple words; it was extremely wasteful, expensive, tiring, time-consuming & not aesthetic.

So I sought out a solution to an outdated problem. This meant studying every scientific aspect of materials in packaging, and the most environmentally sustainable solutions. This took almost 2 years of testing materials & trial and error, until we were fully satisfied by the results. We are now proud to say, Spongy Bags® is the safest product for both art & the environment we could have possibly launched.

We are constantly working on improving what already exists, & listen closely to the feedback received from our Spongy Bags® Family.

Our mission is to disrupt the way the art world packages paintings, for both your benefit & the environments'. Only together can we make an impact. »

- Founder, Elsa ÅKESSON

Spongy Bags® forbes 30 under 30. Elsa Åkesson. art packaging

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