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45 X 35 CM

45 X 35 CM


The all-in-one art packaging product for your art works. 


Specifically designed for paintings & other 2D works. 

Made from upcycled plastics. 


Acid free. Rain proof. Shock proof. Breathable. Archival safe. Short term conservation safe. Washable. Planet friendly. 


The exterior layer is rain proof & the zipper waterproof. 

There is a layer of shock absorbent sponge, to ensure the safety of your works during transportation. 

The inner lining is made from an acid-free textile called non-woven polyproylene, which has scientifically been proven to be archival & conservation safe. 


This product replaces acid free paper, bubble wrap, cling film, kraft paper, tape & rope to say the least. 


It has been designed for short distance logistics & shipments.

It can further be used for short term storage of art works, as it has been designed with art conservation & archival safe materials. 


Every order comes with a gifted pair of bamboo-fibre, art-handling gloves. 

  • Policy

    We currently do not offer returns. 

    All purchases are final. 

    We care for our orders with the highest quality. If you receive a product with a default, please email with a photograph of the item. 

    We are here to help.


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